Richard Bryant

Influential imagery, by Richard Bryant, Hon. FRIBA, Hon Doc. Design Kingston University London Photographer of Spaces and Places: My choice of influential images are from the medium of painting rather than photography. I have an appetite for space and the relationships spaces have to each other. For me, this is best illustrated by the calm domestic scenes portrayed by the seventeenth century Dutch painter Pieter de Hooch.

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The Courtyard of a House in Delft by Pieter de Hooch

The compositions are satisfying and the layering of spaces makes for an interesting journey for the viewer through the rooms leading the eye to spaces beyond. De Hooch likes to guide the viewer down corridors, through doors and even further to external spaces, a canal, or another building with more doors and windows. All this he combines with a sensitivity to light and carefully positioned figures enhancing perspective, scale and social relevance.

His images are inviting us to explore, they make us curious, we want to know what is beyond.

I admire De Hooch's attributes as a painter, composition, sensitivity to light, time and place and in particular his ability to communicate interlinked three dimensional spaces through the two dimensional medium of a painting.

Consciously or unconsciously, I have found myself drawn to emulate these elements in my photography.

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