Kim Hoang

Kimberly Hoang, Senior Picture Editor, The Guardian Newspapers and photographic consultant at the British Red Cross: When asked what my favourite picture is, I have to say that it was impossible to choose a single image. I’ve worked in the photography industry for two decades and, during that time, I’ve commissioned some amazing photographers and seen the most incredible photography. However, I can identify the single image that set me on this path …

I’m from an immigrant family and my parents didn’t have the expertise required to help me navigate an education in the arts. At the age of 16, I enrolled at Kingsway College in Clerkenwell, London to study Media Studies. I had two incredible lecturers who taught me a new, critical way of seeing.

It was here that I first saw Robert Capa’s photograph, The Falling Soldier. I’m not sure if it was because I came from a war-torn country or if it was the unanswered questions surrounding the image, but the image provoked a strong, emotional reaction in me. I realised how powerful photography could be and the potential it has to dissect the world around us.

In 2001, I went to work for Magnum in New York, the photographic agency founded by Robert Capa. During my lunch breaks, I would sit and look through his contact sheets, which felt like a real privilege – an intimate window into Capa’s unique way of seeing and personal perspective on the world. It gave me a real insight into the art of photography, and it’s this that continues to fuel my passion for photography today.

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