Winners of the inaugural Global SinoPhoto Awards

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©Du Baoxian

Du Baoxian from Australia has become the overall winner of the inaugural Global SinoPhoto Awards (GSPA) and winner of the ACE UK Group Award, ‘Us, Now’ category with Me: A composite image of 10 self-portrait photographs shot during the lockdown in the spring of 2020, winning a prize of $2500.

Du explains the concept behind her image: “This set of works was created in the spring of 2020 when we were experiencing the lockdown at home. I was contemplating what to photograph. Not only had I great enthusiasm, but I also had plenty of time. After much thought and design, I decided to start with myself. Our lives have changed a lot over the decades, but no one can live without food and clothing. Sorting out the wardrobes, I realised our generation of women have bought, used, and worn many clothes. We all have a different mix of tastes, from and including the simple to the luxurious. Observe our clothes and we can observe our society. I decided to make this the theme of my photography project.”

“The photographer has successfully managed to illustrate the repetitive captivity that we have all felt for this past year. She is masked and silenced and looks anonymous and can only really express herself with her changing fashion. She has carefully created a composite and meticulously made sure that each self-portrait is identical in scale and lighting which has made the overall image effective. 摄影师成功地表达了过去一年来我们都共同感受到的重复的隔绝的生活。她被迫带上面罩,不能畅所欲言,看起来像个无名之士;只能以不断变化的时尚来表达自己。 她的精心创意的构图和一丝不苟的拍摄;每幅自画像在比例和灯光上都保持一致;使得整体图像得到有强力的效果。”

GSPA judge, Gemma Barnet

“This image not only answered the brief but gave the medium of photography another dimension. I feel it went beyond just the 'look and click'。这幅作品不仅与我们的投稿要求契合,而且给摄影这个传播媒介增加了另一个维度,超越了那个简单的看到后,按下快门的程序。”

GSPA judge, Richard Bryant


Alongside Du's winning image are the winners of the other GSPA categories, who each won $250:

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©Aris Liem

Aris Liem from Indonesia is the winner of the ‘Food and the Joy of Eating’ category with Preparing for Breakfast: Women prepare breakfast for people who have finished praying in a temple in Yaqing, Western Sichuan, China.

“This image is very atmospheric. The more I look at it, the more I find it. It's a great image about community and the link to food. The lighting is incredible. In the editorial world, I could see this as a double page spread. 这张照片非常有气氛,越仔细看我越有感觉。作品出色地表现了社区人们与食物的关系,灯光也令人难以置信。我可以想象,报界的编辑们会很乐于把这张照片以双页刊登在报纸杂志中。”

GSPA judge, Kimberley Hoang


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©Susan Moss

Susan Moss from Australia is the winner of the Volitation Award, ‘Work and Study’ category with Mending the Nets: A mother mending fishing nets as her little girl watches on, in Xiapu County, Fujian Province, China.

“I love this dreamy image of a mother and daughter, the soft textures of the nets and the child hanging off her mother’s words. There is a lovely light and the choice to print it in black and white works much more effectively than if it were a colour photograph. This decision has given the photographer the possibility to entirely blend out the background so that the focus is just on the two people. 我喜欢这个梦一般的照片,其中渔网的纹理质感,女儿在聆听着妈妈的每一句话,她们在一起共度时光。可爱的光线和黑白照片的效果比起彩色照片效果更好。黑白片带给摄影师更好的选择:背景被完全揉进画面,图片的焦点只有母女两个人。”

GSPA judge, Gemma Barnett


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©Ni Chen

Ni Chen from China is the winner of the ‘Celebration!’ category with Above the Flames: Jumping the fire, when young men compete to jump over fire, is a symbolic activity to celebrate the Lantern Festival and pray for the prosperity of every family in the new year. It is a local tradition, part of the celebrations during the Chinese New Year in the Xiaotang Community in Putian, Fujian Province, China.

"Drama, excitement, and activity. A great image that captures the moment." 具有戏剧性,惊赦和动感,一张抓住了那个瞬间的精彩照片。

GSPA judge,  Richard Bryant


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©Karen Morris-Lanz

Karen Morris-Lanz from the UK is the winner of the ‘Spirit of Zen: Peacefulness and Calm’ category with Cloud Fishing: People cloud fishing on the banks of a river in China on a foggy and peaceful morning.

“The ephemeral nature of this image appeals to me. It invites the viewer to have an imaginative response. It has a dreamlike quality that is calming and soothing. 这幅作品的短暂性引起我的兴趣。观众不由得随着照片的意境遐想,作品具有梦幻般的品质,使人感到画面的平静和舒缓。”

GSPA judge, Richard Bryant


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©Miao Qing

Miao Qing from China is the winner of the ‘Heritage and Architecture’ category with Life in Squares: Residents of the Miaojia stilt building in Phoenix City, China, out on their balconies during the lockdown in August 2020. Each balcony has its own story of families being together, making the most of the scenery outside of their homes.

“This is an image that needs to be viewed at a large scale to appreciate the complexity of the content. It exemplifies the mix of old and new. Air conditioning units fixed to traditional wooden balustrades and an inhabitant with a cell phone appears to be casing around for a signal. 这是一个需要放大图片,仔细观察照片,才能发掘其中丰富的内容。它体现了新旧的混合:有固定在传统木栏杆上的空调,也有似乎在四处寻找手机信号的居民。”

GSPA judge, Richard Bryant


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©Olivia Ritchie

Olivia Ritchie from the UK is the winner of the SmartStoneVR Award, ‘Street Life’ youth category, which was open to 13 - 17-year-olds, with Chinese New Year, Chinatown, London: The vibrant colours and excitement of the Chinese New Year celebrations reflected in a puddle on a street in London's Chinatown, shot on a quiet evening in February 2020.

"Cleverly observed and beautifully composed. This image has pleasing photographic qualities." 摄影师的动察和精美的构图,使照片具有令人愉悦的摄影品质。

GSPA judge,  Richard Bryant

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